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                 We would like to Welcome
New Zion Ministries-BURUNDI with Pastor:Lepa Innocent

Christian Rally -- Radio Interview

  REVIVAL FIRE-- Is sweeping kenya Because if the (**THE TREE OF LIFE**). Do you need a raidical change in your life. Then take hold of the (TREE OF LIFE)

  If you would like to schedule a revival for your church

                             please call 606-515-2740 

 Last revival we seen  8 Miracles 

          2-1/2 inch Brain tumor disappears

Sis.completly blind in one eye Gets perfect vision

Over 20 people confirmed *healed and delivered* Click-- Miracles at new Zion to see all

 God spoke and told the church that there was comeing     "a great shakeing in the month of Adar" (Feb. 4th- April 5th).     I believe the church is about to be shaken out of slumber. Come and recieve deliverance and help us worship the true God and our Lord Jesus.  ***UPDATE*** -- Japan 9.0 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown (all in month of Adar)  ---Click on tab --The Lord speaks-- to see what he spoke (Jan. 22, 2011)

 Click the (miracles at new Zion Button) to the left to read the testimonies


Bro. Jacob Lukhova - NZM Kenya Pastor Lepa Innocent - NZM Burundi

     We would like to welcome our newest mebers and sister church               New Zion Ministries BURUNDI, with  Pastor: Lepa Innocent and congregation. I can see a spiritual fire begining to spread accross the African continent and we are proud to be a part of this great move. We are continueing to spread not only the fire, word and Power of God but also spreading this ministry of deliverance accross the globe and we will continue to do so until the Lords return


     I am Harris Brewer the pastor of New Zion Ministries. I give the overall spiritual and directional leadership to the ministries here at NZM. A desire has been laid upon my
heart to boldly preach and teach the word of God as it was preached by Jesus and
his disciples. We must arise from the settlement of the dust from which God's word
and authority has been trodden under foot, and wash away all doctrine except that
of Jesus and the Apostles and use the word and power of God to go into the enemies
 territory and bring out those who have been taken captive by him and his army of
followers.  I believe that God has commissioned people in this last day to walk in to
fire and pull out the victims of the enemy.

     I believe that NZM has a very unique calling and position in God's kingdom. If you are new to town, are thinking of moving to this city or have friends who are looking for a church home to belong to and work out of in Corbin, KY. I would welcome the opportunity to share the vision that God has given to us and see if you are a part of Gods divine strategy in Corbin or would like to work with us from where you are located now. If you would like to visit our church our services are Sat. 7pm.-  and  Sun. 11am. and 6pm. 
                                  You can get driving directions below

Pastor Harris Brewer

                                                Please feel free to email your questions to: 
                                                                      We are located at 
                                                              1016 S. Main St. Corbin, Ky.


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